Rebranding Your Business With New Electric Signs and Graphics

It’s always risky having a rebrand when you are already an established business. You’re fed up with your current branding, but you’re worried about the consequences of switching it up and changing your brand fonts and colors. 

Knowing When To Rebrand Your Business

Outdoor electrical and graphic signs
When undergoing a rebrand, don’t forget to update your business signage. 

So, when is it time for a rebrand? When is it time to give your brand a bit of a facelift? 

The best time to rebrand is when you feel that your current branding no longer reflects your values or brand message. Similarly, if your current branding isn’t connecting with your target audience, it might be time to change it up. 

You may also want to rebrand if you have changed your offerings. For example, if you are now offering completely different goods and services, your existing branding might not represent them very well. 

How Do You Rebrand?

Ultimately, rebranding will require switching up your logo and getting new signs and graphics for your commercial building. 

Rebranding requires a lot of care and thought. You are quite literally changing the one thing that stands you out above the crowd. 

Your branding is the thing that defines who you are, and it’s what your target customers will recognize online or in their local store. 

Therefore, when you rebrand, it’s best to start with subtle changes. For example, you could switch the font ever so slightly or make the colors of your logo a little brighter. From here, you might want to adjust the color palette you use or change the graphics in your logo. 

Contact a professional sign maker company to get expert advice on your rebrand. They will be able to guide you through revitalizing your old brand and give it a whole new lease of life. 

For new signs and graphics in a large format printing for your rebrand, contact Signmakers and get a quote today. 

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