Neon Signs are Works of Art

Signs are well known for their practical use across commercial settings and advertising spaces, bringing consumers the information they need in visually appealing ways. But some types of signage elevate beyond the status of practicality and into the realm of a cultural icon. This is exactly the case when it comes to neon signs. The most creative and memorable signs that you see are neon signs.

All across the country, neon signs are used to elegantly display some of the most important landmarks — from the Las Vegas Strip to Times Square to Sunset Boulevard. These beautiful works of art illuminate cultural monuments and popular streets, providing the perfect setting for memorable moments. The craftsmanship and creativity exhibited by these signs truly elevate them to the level of artwork. 

neon pharmacy sign
For decades neon signs have been lighting the way for American businesses with their high artistic and creative value.

Creative and Memorable

Despite all the other types of signs that are available to businesses, neon signs still represent one of the most effective forms of branding your business. They’re sleek, attention-grabbing, and can be perfectly designed to creatively encapsulate the ethos of your business. You can be really creative and artistic. It’s not just about lettering, but about imagery that is lit up in bright, vibrant colors.

Although glass tubes may seem like an inflexible material, expert artisans have a specific process for bending the glass that will help meet the style and size needs of any business. Whether you are in the food service industry, a creative agency, or just want to set your business apart from the rest, neon signs are the perfect option for your commercial operation!

Find Your Next Sign

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