Light Up Your Business With Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are more visible than other types of signs, so they can be more effective at attracting customers. Additionally, illuminated signs can be more easily seen in daylight than signs that don’t emit light, so you may find that your advertising efforts are more effective if you choose to illuminate your sign. If you are looking for illumination solutions for your business, contact us at Signmakers today to learn about all of the benefits of our LED neon signs.

Benefits of Illuminated Signs

You’ll be able to see your sign day and night. Interior signs are easily seen in any lighting condition, but exterior signs have to compete with sunlight and streetlights. By adding illumination to your sign, you’ll extend its visibility in low-light situations. An illuminated sign can also stand out from other signs on a building by providing unique color or movement options. For example, LED neon signs provide stunning color that competitors can’t match.

Choosing an Illuminated Sign Design

Illuminated business signs
Stand out from others with an illuminated sign.

Finding a design that fits your company and industry can be difficult. If you’re going to be located in an area with lots of competition, you may want a sign that jumps out. Most businesses are concerned about function as well as style, so it’s important to find a balance. There are four main types of illuminated signs — neon, electronic, light box, and tube neon — each with different advantages and disadvantages depending on what you’re looking for from your sign.

Who Should Buy Illuminated Signs?

You may not realize it, but illuminated signs are perfect for any business. From retail shops to restaurants, office buildings, and hospitals, illuminated signs will make your space stand out.

Where Should I Put My Illuminated Sign?

Because of their three-dimensional nature, illuminated signs are perfect for drawing attention to your business’s name. Because they’re not easily overlooked, illuminated signs often catch people’s eyes as they pass by and compel them to notice what your business offers. Neon signs are particularly effective in high-traffic areas. If you need an illuminated sign that will make a statement about your business and get noticed immediately, an LED sign is a great choice.

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