Customize Special Event Signage to Create Interest and Deliver a Great Experience

The purpose of hosting special events for professional establishments is to create a satisfying experience for customers and connect with them to encourage sales. Special occasions call for captivating aesthetics to create a full experience, and in the case of a business, proper signage is a must.

The Whole Package of Event Signage

Custom party signs
Create an immersive and positive collective experience.

Professionals in the field of special event signage, like Signmakers, are with clients every step of the way, surveying the location, designing the marketing material, and installing signage on-site. Maybe your company is hosting its grand opening or having a blowout sale before moving to another location. Hiring a specialized service for your signage needs ensures that quality equipment is available to work with all manner of materials and sizes to churn out the creative vision you have for your event. Especially in situations like festivals and expos, where various, often competing, businesses are displayed alongside each other – signage must be unique and attention-grabbing enough for a vendor to be noticeable and different in a positive way. By collaborating with design professionals on your vision, you can have high-quality and sharp advertising that attracts and immerses clientele in a remarkable experience.

Creativity Breathes Life Into Your Special Occasion

To keep the attention of attendees at special events and create an alluring, enjoyable ambiance, special event signage must employ all manner of creative techniques. Some clever ways to bring your brand to life include:

  • Stair Wraps- Signage visible from the bottom of stairs and escalators
  • Gobo Projections- Customized stencil discs attached to light sources to project images
  • Helium Marketing Balloons
  • “Floating” Acrylic Signs
  • Step and Repeat Walls- Feature repeating patterns of ad logos, famous for being the backdrop for photos at large, high publicity events like movie premieres
  • Themed Props
  • Neon Lights
  • Floor Graphics
  • Topiary Letters- Utilizing the natural foliage of the location, or can be fake as well.


Contact Signmakers today for a quote and enlist exceptional service for all your signage needs to make your business’ special events stand out.

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