Are Your Business Signs Increasing Awareness

To engage a target audience, and to get noticed by that audience, requires a business sign to stand out. One way to stand out is to create interesting signage. These signs are a way for you to communicate with your audience. 

neon business sign
One way to stand out is to create interesting signage

Business Signs

A sign can communicate much more than what is written on the sign. Through the use of font choice and design elements, a business sign can communicate style and help people to self-identify as potential customers. For example, using a hockey stick image on a sign that said “sports store” would attract hockey players. 

Creating a business sign that attracts your ideal customer requires first having a solid knowledge of who that audience is, including their likes and desires. 

With this information, you can then create a sign that works, because it speaks directly to your target customer. 

There are many types of exterior signs to choose from. When deciding on what type of sign you will use for your business, think about what type of sign will engage your customer and drive them to your shop. 

Perhaps the answer is a three-dimensional sign or an electric sign. Or maybe the solution is a rustic, carved wooden sign. Or maybe it’s something else entirely. The answer depends on your customers. 

Another consideration is the type of business you have, including the sector or industry your business is in, as well as the location. If your business sign is in an industrial park, where all the other businesses have monument signs, this could offer you a starting point. The sign can still be noticeable, while also fitting in with the area or your business sector. 

There are many options for custom signs for your business. If you’re having trouble deciding, speak with a custom sign shop, as they will be able to offer opinions and insight. 

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