Three Exterior Signs to Increase Brand Awareness

Every business wants to stand out from the rest of the herd. Especially in a competitive market like Los Angeles, where every business owner is trying to highlight their unique story, high-quality exterior signs are more important than ever. But the question remains, how can you draw consumer brand awareness to your business?

Effective signs are the frontline of your marketing efforts and help improve brand awareness by grabbing attention and quickly conveying relevant information about your business. Whether they are electric and mounted to the side of your exterior or are installed separately on their own monument, exterior signs are a versatile promotional tool. 

Open face neon signs
A professional service helps a local business install a blade sign to improve brand awareness and drive up sales numbers.

Here are three styles of exterior signs that will drive more business to your front door!

Three Best Exterior Signs

  1. Dimensional Signs  

Dimensional signs are fixed to the wall of your commercial space and help gain customer attention by literally popping off the wall. Channel letter signs are an increasingly common style of dimensional advertising, but there are many other options out there as well. 

  1. Monument Signs 

If you want to make a big statement with your exterior signage, there’s no better option than a monument sign. As the name suggests, this promotional tool is monumental, signaling a business that has the capital and resources of a large institution. 

  1.  Blade Signs

Just like a sharp knife, blade signs cut across the competition in crowded commercial environments. As opposed to traditional signs that run parallel to exterior walls, blade signs run perpendicular to storefronts. They are highly visible and present logos in a sleek manner. 

Choosing the Ideal Option

Can’t decide which of the three best exterior signs to use for your Los Angeles business? Contact the experts at Signmakers today for help!

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