The Power of Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are rapidly taking over as the top exterior sign option in the business promotion space. These three-dimensional, professional letters can be applied effectively across a variety of different building façades and backdrops to improve brand strength and bring in more sales for your business. 

What are Channel Letter Signs?

Generally, channel letters are made out of metal or plastic and formed in a 3D shape. They are then lit internally by electrically wiring them into your building, creating a medium of promotional messaging that literally pops out at passersby’s. 

Any number, letter, or character can be made into a channel letter to create a customized exterior sign. The font used in these signs is generally easy to read so that any and all potential customers can quickly identify the business and the products/services they provide. 

Customizing Channel Letter Signs

When it comes to properly customizing your channel letters, there are some important steps that you need to follow. Many of these are similar steps that you would carry out for other exterior sign styles, but there are also some considerations unique to channel letters. 

  1. Make sure that it reflects your business — Like any promotional material, channel letters need to be aligned with both your individual store and the larger industry.
  1. Match signatures and fonts to building façade — To maximize the impact of this sign style, you need to consider how the font, size, and signatures will match with your building façade.
  1. Choose lighting options — One of the most impactful aspects of channel lettering is that it can be back-lit in a variety of different ways, including standard, halo, and other lighting options. 
  1. Electric signs — Because channel letters are a form of electric signs, you need to be aware of additional safety and maintenance aspects. 
Storefront neon signs with LED
A professional sign company installs channel letter signs on a business to improve brand strength and bring in more customers.

To learn more about channel letter signs, reach out to the experts at Signmakers today. For over 25 years, we’ve helped businesses in the LA area stand apart from the rest with high-quality exterior and electric signs.

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