The Flexibility and Versatility of Acrylic Business Signs

Acrylic is an excellent material to choose for the exterior and interior of your business, both practically and creatively speaking. Professionals in this field of manufacturing can use their expertise and talent to help you realize the vision you have for your company, starting with its aesthetics.

Practical Benefits of Acrylic Signs

Acrylic business signs

Acrylic as a cast polymer material is very durable and weather-resistant for indoors and outdoors. Frosted acrylic offers a similar look to popular frosted glass without the risk of shattering. For businesses with fluorescent lighting that can produce significant glare, a non-glare coating can easily be added to acrylic to absorb excess shine that would otherwise impede legibility. For professional signage in busier areas with a greater risk of damage, logos and graphics can be printed on the back to protect the image from scratching and chipping. Overall, acrylic business signs are simple to install because of their lightweight, and very minimal wiring is required to support them, allowing for a suspended, floating aesthetic. Signage can also be mounted using metals offsets, creating an element of 3D as a drop shadow effect appears with lighting. 

Customization and Creative Freedom

Acrylic business signs use sleek, transparent glass without fragility, weight, or higher cost. The material is often used instead of frosted glass because of the greater range of finishing and personalization options. To reach your desired, unique visual effect, acrylic can be used alone or in tandem with other materials and looks great as a subtle border on markers like wayfinding signage and focuses on the text and graphics. As far as colors go, the possibilities are limitless, and countless hues and combinations can be effectively employed to attract customer attention and create an enjoyable ambiance. Even LED lights can be added around and in the background of such signs for more intriguing aesthetics.

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