Retrofitting Neon Signs With LED Lighting

Neon signs have been illuminating American business for decades and are firmly ingrained in our culture. These pieces of promotional artwork are applied across industries to highlight the unique brand personality of businesses. Unfortunately, these electric signs are not without their issues. 

While beautiful, classic neon signs are not as energy efficient, are less safe than current methods, and are also more likely to develop issues with illumination over time. To save operators the hassle of purchasing a completely new exterior sign, a new solution has emerged: Retrofitting neon signs

What is Retrofitting Neon Signs All About?

The process of retrofitting this type of electric sign is simple but powerful. With new developments in LED technology, this lighting method can now be applied to neon signs. The process of retrofitting has also been improved so it can be accomplished quickly and without detriment to the overall appearance and function of the sign. 

The process to retrofit your existing neon sign will vary depending on the age, size, and style of your product, but you can rest assured knowing that professional sign experts will get the job done right. 

Storefront neon signs with LED
All of your signage should work together, both inside and outside, and should have consistency in design, color, materials, and textures.

Benefits of Retrofitting Neon Signs

Once you have converted your traditional neon sign into one lit by LED, you’ll be able to realize a series of benefits:

  • An increase in illumination between 50-70%
  • A drastic improvement in the longevity of the sign
  • Huge improvements in power consumption and energy savings
  • Maintained functionality at colder temperatures
  • A mercury-free product that is safe for you, your staff, and your customers!


Signmakers has been helping Los Angeles businesses realize their electric sign goals for over 25 years. If you’re interested in the process of retrofitting neon signs to utilize LED lighting, reach out to us today!

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