Logo Signs That Make Your Brand Come to Life

Designing an effective logo sign can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also prove challenging. With only so much space to play with, you’ll need to think about how your logo will look in different places and contexts, ensuring that it still makes sense when placed against backgrounds of varying colors or in front of different objects. You’ll also need to consider how your chosen signs will fit within the context of other signs and whether they’ll work well with or without the rest of your branding around them.

What Are Logo Signs?

Custom business logo signs are simply multipurpose pieces of signage that are constructed with an existing logo, text, and design concept in mind. They serve a multitude of purposes and can be used as welcome signs, exit signs, menu boards, wayfinding signs, directional arrows, and so much more. In fact, there’s no limit to what you can do with your custom logo sign. The sky is truly the limit!

Design Considerations When Recreating Logo Signs

Interrior business sign

When you are designing a logo sign, there are several considerations you should make before beginning. For example, is your sign going to be a black and white only design or will it include color? Is it going to hang indoors or outdoors? Will you need your logo to pop off of your sign? What about weatherproofing? Each one of these considerations should be addressed in your design.

Consistency and Color Matching

When designing a logo sign, you want it to be recognizable and impactful. A great way to accomplish that is by working with a designer who understands color theory and how colors work together. Learn how choosing colors that are right next to each other on a color wheel can create an elegant display. When selecting colors, you should keep your logo design in mind when creating something that will look right with your brand’s colors.

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