Is Your Business Sign Making a Good First Impression

A good business sign will attract customers. In fact, in a survey done by FedEx, 76% of people said they entered a business for the first time based only on its sign. And 68% of people believe that a business’s sign reflects the quality of its products and services. 

That’s the good news. But if you don’t have a sign, or if you have a bad sign, then there is some bad news. 

60% of people said that a missing sign would stop them from entering a business. And 50% of people said that a bad sign would deter them from entering a business. 

The importance of having a sign, and making sure it is a quality sign, can’t be ignored. Your business needs a good sign. 

Outdoor business signs
76% of people said they entered a business for the first time based only on its sign

You Need a Business Sign 

To make a great first impression, you need a great exterior sign. When it comes to business signs, being easy to read is important. The larger the sign, the easier it will be to read. It should also communicate your brand in some way. This can be through font choice, by including a logo, or using your brand’s colors. 

The more effort and thought you put into your business sign, the better it will be. Considering how many people decide whether or not to enter a business based purely on signage, it’s worth taking the time to do it right. 

Increase Engagement

An interesting sign that communicates well with potential customers will increase your business. How? By attracting more people. Some ways to add interest to a sign is by adding lights, which can be done with electric signs. Adding lighting to a sign opens up creative possibilities and also has the practical result of making the sign easier to see. 

When deciding on your sign design, remember that it represents your brand. Be true to your brand, be authentic, and when using multiple signs, be consistent with your sign design. 

Is your business in need of a new or improved sign? Get in touch for a quote or to discuss your project. 

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