Interior Neon Signs to Strengthen Brand Identity

Neon signs are attention grabbers. Many entrepreneurs use them to set their new locations apart from neighboring businesses at outdoor malls and on busy streets.

The same rule applies for the multiple ways neon lights can be used indoors.

What are Interior Neon Signs?

Interior neon signs are light boxes that contain bright lights found inside retail stores or other businesses such as restaurants, bars, and hotels.

These neon signs come in all shapes and sizes to fit with the store design and provide illumination while complimenting the aesthetics of the interior space.

Uses of Interior Neon Signs

neon and dimensional signage at Signmakers, LA
Interior neon lights make businesses stand out.

There are many different uses of interior neon signs. Some of the most popular include:

Wayfinding Signs: These signs direct foot traffic in busy retail settings. For example, if you own a department store, these signs will lead customers to different departments. These types of neon signs can also identify various sections within the store. Since there are many different wayfinding interior neon signs, they are shaped into directional symbols to identify different departments.

Identifying Your Business: Choose a neon sign that features your business name to help build brand awareness. You can do this by making the neon sign a logo or something similar. You can also use it to help customers easily locate your business.

Strengthening Your Brand: Neon signs are great for enhancing branding by featuring brand colors and logos in an attention-grabbing area. Because people associate color with feelings, you want to make sure that the color of your neon sign meshes well with the color of your brand.

Strengthen Your Brand With Interior Neon Signs

Neon lights are bright and attention-grabbing, which is why they make great interior signage.  For more information about designing a custom sign that helps create brand awareness and strengthens your current logo, reach out today.

At Signmakers, we’re happy to provide quotes for your neon signs and answer any questions, so contact us anytime!

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