Illuminate Your Brand with Electric Signs

Illuminating one’s brand, both figuratively and literally, is increasingly important in today’s crowded marketplace. With social media campaigns, ecommerce sites, and other digital trends taking over, brick and mortar locations need to take advantage of any competitive edge they can find. Placing electric signs on the exterior of your business is a perfect way to get customers familiar with your brand and showcase the professionalism of your business. 

Types of Electric Signs

There are many different types of electric signs out there for business owners to take advantage of. Regardless of the exterior façade or location of your business, you’ll be able to apply one of these electric signs to help illuminate your brand. 

Channel Letter Signs — The 3D signs give the exterior of your storefront an added boost by projecting illuminated letters out towards customers. 

Box Signs — Box signs allow you to take any traditional sign or banner design and transfer it to a new medium where it can be illuminated to stand out even more. 

Neon Signs — A staple of American culture, neon signs are pieces of marketing artwork that signal to potential buyers that you value creativity. 

LED-Lighted Pole Signs — For those whose business is further back from the road, these luminous pole signs are great at letting customers know exactly where you are located. 

Digital Displays — Wow and enchant your customers by providing dynamic marketing material through an electric display sign.

Interior electrical signs
A professional-installed electric sign helps illuminate a business to drive brand awareness and profits.

Benefits of Electric Signs

By selecting any of the above-mentioned signs, you can now realize a host of benefits for your brand and commercial space. This includes: 

  • Improved visibility for customers
  • An attention-grabbing format for promotion
  • A highly customizable way of promoting on your business exterior


If you’re unsure whether electric signs are right for your business, reach out to Signmakers today! Our professional artisans have been working for decades to provide LA businesses with top promotional material.

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