How to Use Storefront Signs to Make a Stronger Impression

Storefront signs can be used to make a powerful first impression on customers. They allow you to customize your storefront with the colors and fonts that represent your brand, and they can help make your business more visible to passing traffic by drawing people’s attention to your storefront. Let’s take a look at how you can use storefront signs effectively to make an impression on customers and drive them into your store.

The Benefits of Storefront Signs

Don’t rely on window signs alone. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to increase customer awareness with outdoor signage like a logo sign or creative, artistic neon sign. These types of signs will attract customers who are driving by as well as pedestrians, increasing the number of eyeballs and bodies entering your business! Plus, illuminated signs will stand out in the daytime or nighttime thanks to bright LEDs that last for years and never need replacing.

Types of Storefront Signs

Storefront electrical signs
Colors are a great way to add interest to your sign.

The storefront sign is the first thing that your customers see when they come into your store, so it’s crucial that it not only matches your brand but also makes a strong impression. As LED, neon, and other creative storefront signs continue to evolve with new technology and innovative designs, this is easier than ever before.

  • Building Logo Sign: The first place to look for creating a stronger impression is your storefront logo sign. When someone drives by, they’re going to notice your sign and it should be easily identified with your brand name and logo. Use fonts and colors that match the style of your logo for a cohesive appearance. If you need help or design assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will help to ensure you are confident with the decision you make.
  • Neon Signs: Besides the look of your storefront, there are plenty of ways you can use signage to make a stronger impression on potential customers. As an example, consider how neon signs add something extra and create brand personality for your business.
  • Illuminated Signs: Brighter lights don’t just make your storefront more visible to passersby, they also make it stand out more in the night sky and attract more attention than static signage. The best illuminated signs are strong, original pieces of art that will turn heads and get noticed in the dark. Though most people know about building simple banner signs for high-traffic areas and marketing materials, fewer are aware of how effective neon signs can be.

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