How to Light Your Channel Letter Sign

Channel letters are a highly versatile form of signage. They can be made in many styles and sizes, which makes them a great-looking option on a building facade. Channel letter signs can be seen from a distance, as well, which makes them a great way to attract attention to your place of business. What really takes these signs to another level, though, is the lighting. 

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Colors are a great way to add interest to your sign.

Channel Letter Sign Lighting

There are typically three ways that a channel letter exterior sign is lit. The type of electric sign lighting you choose depends on the effect you are going for, and also how visible you need your sign to be. If, for instance, you wanted your sign to be as clear as possible at night, you would pick lighting that best showed your sign in the dark. 

Front-Lit Signs

Front-lit signs have the light coming out the front of the sign. Typically, this means the front face of the letter is translucent acrylic. This type of lighting makes the sign easy to read at night. It is also an excellent choice if you have a signature brand color that you would like to incorporate into your sign. 

Backlit Signs

Backlit signs have the front face of the letters blacked out, with the light coming only from behind the sign. This gives the sign a halo effect. This effect is a great way to draw attention to the sign and to give it a glowing look. 


The third type of lighting is a combination of the first two. The letters are front-lit, and then additional lighting is added to also give the letters a halo effect. This option has some interesting creative possibilities when different colors of lights are used. It is also a good option for when you want the channel letter sign to glow during the day with a backlit effect yet also be seen after dark. 

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