Electric Pole Signs to Lift Up Your Brand

When you’re a small business off the main traffic routes, it can be difficult to attract business. To get the boost your brand needs, your signage needs a lift. An electric pole sign can be the perfect boost to get your business and brand noticed. 

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Electric Pole Signs 

These are, quite literally, an electrically-lit sign mounted on a tall pole. Because they are lit up electric signs, they are easy to see at night and also stand out during the daytime. These signs are typically raised high enough to be seen from down the street or across the block. 

These pole signs are elevated by either a single or double pole structure, depending on the size of the sign. There are many variations in sign design and construction. The location of the business, and the type of business, can help determine what type of pole sign is best. 

Stand Out

Some things to consider are the budget for making and installing the exterior sign, what you want the sign to look like, and what other signs are already in the area. Taking note of existing signs is important because you want your sign to stand out. Therefore, you don’t want it to look exactly like nearby signs, and you definitely don’t want it to look like a competitor’s sign. 

There are several industries that typically use electric pole signs. Fast food restaurants are well known for their use of pole signs. Other types of restaurants can also benefit from pole signs, especially when the location is set back from the road or otherwise not easily seen. 

Hospitality businesses, such as hotels or motels, also commonly use pole signs. Because it can be seen from a distance, these types of signs are useful when attempting to attract highway traffic.

Retail businesses regularly make use of pole signs. In places with multiple businesses, a single-pole sign may be used to advertise several businesses.

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