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Neon lights are one of the most eye-catching forms of advertising that there is. Neon event signs are an extremely effective way to make meaningful impressions on your potential customers and clients. There’s a good reason that so many shows and movies show neon signs when they want to draw attention to a business. They’re culturally significant and bring to mind images of Las Vegas or other major cities. When many people picture a big city, they picture something like Times Square, which is full of all sorts of lights and signs. Neon event signs can take your advertising presence to the next level if you invest in quality signage. 

Uses For Neon?

Open face neon signs
Give your brand that classic look with a neon sign.

Neon doesn’t just need to be in Vegas-style signage. Neon has numerous uses and can look great in a variety of different situations. 

  1. Directional signs and symbols will stand out from the surroundings and catch the eye, and you’ll be able to direct customers exactly where you need them to go. This will strengthen your branding and help to guide your customers around.
  2. Large sculptural neon installations can create a lovely ambiance and give your customers the sense that you’ve really gone the extra mile to bring them a great experience.
  3. Create interactive installations that make for excellent photo opportunities for your customers, which can lead to free social media advertising. 


Neon event signs are truly versatile and can bring your event to the next level. 
If you’re looking to invest in some neon signage, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re serious about neon here at Signmakers, and we know it has a classically beautiful look. Visit our website today to see this and other offers or learn all about us. We’re eager to help you get some neon signage to light up your life today.


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