3 Benefits of Dimensional Logo Signs

Dimensional signs are an increasingly popular style of signage because they can be seen from a greater distance. That’s because they’re formed from a thick, opaque material that makes them appear more like a traditional cladding sign than one made of thin, transparent acrylic or plastic. We understand the need for quality signage that is attractive to the eye and, more importantly, meaningful to the viewer. A dimensional logo sign does this by using letters or logos that are three-dimensional and appear to come to life. Dimensional logo signs have three of the following major benefits.

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Dimensional signs are the ultimate way to make a strong first impression on your customers.

Advantages of Dimensional Signs

1. The 3D effect gives them movement and catches the eye. They are dynamic and engaging. 

The 3D effect is a commonly-used effect in signage. It helps to create a sense of movement on a flat surface, making it more noticeable. With a 3D effect, you can create your own personal style, and make your customers remember you forever!

2. Dimensional signs display letters, symbols, and numbers tailored to flow with the space, whether it’s your storefront building facade or interior lobby. 

The space between letters and numbers is key to making a sign look good. A person’s eye is drawn to the letterforms. The letters and numbers in a sign need to be proportioned to their environment, and that’s where dimensional signage comes in.

3. Dimensional signs can be created in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and materials. 

Dimensional letters are highly versatile, and they are used in many different ways. They are not just great for creating the illusion of depth but also are very useful in creating signage with different image effects. For example, the right sign can create a billboard that looks like it is floating in the air. One can even use them to create signs with moving characters, which is a popular trend in the signage industry.

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